Good oral health is just as significant for equines as it is for humans. A horse with dental problems can experience a variety of issues, from difficulty eating and maintaining proper body weight to pain and behavioral changes. At Tri-State Veterinary Services, we view dental health as a cornerstone of every horse’s overall well-being.

As the seasons change, it’s an ideal time to take stock of your equine friend’s teeth. We’re rolling out a February deal: 20% off dental floats!


Understanding Equine Dentistry

Dental health in horses is of vital importance, impacting not just their ability to eat, but also their overall health and well-being. Horse teeth, unlike human teeth which stop growing after adolescence, continue to erupt and wear down over time, which can lead to specific dental challenges.


Dental Anatomy of Horses

Equine dental anatomy is intricate. With a total of 12 incisors at the front of the mouth and 12 premolars and 12 molars at the rear, they have a large dental arc that is continuously growing and being worn down. This continuous growth is the reason why equine dental care is critical and must begin as early as one year old when deciduous teeth start falling out.


Common Dental Issues in Horses

Horses experience several common dental issues, such as irregular wear, sharp enamel points, hooks, and wave mouth. These problems can cause pain, often go unnoticed, and may result in poor performance and behavioral changes.



The Role of Dental Floats

A dental float is a tool that files a horse’s teeth, creating a smooth, flat dental arc that aids in proper chewing and digestion. Properly administered dental floats can correct many dental issues and prevent others from occurring.



Explanation of Dental Floats and Their Purpose

Dental floating involves the use of a rasp or float to file down the horse’s teeth, specifically addressing the sharp enamel points that form due to the continuous growth of teeth. This helps to prevent cuts and sores in the mouth and provides the horse with a comfortable bite.


Benefits of Regular Dental Floating

The benefits of regular dental floating are numerous. By removing sharp points, hooks, and waves, it ensures that your horse can comfortably chew its food, improving digestion and absorption of nutrients. It also aids in maintaining proper weight and body condition due to better food utilization. Furthermore, regular dental checks can prevent disorders and diseases associated with dental problems.



Promotion: 20% Off Dental Floats

To emphasize our commitment to equine health, we are offering a special discount throughout February on dental floats. This one-time promotion is our small way to encourage equine owners to prioritize their horse’s dental health this season. To take advantage of this offer, book an appointment with our Tri-State team by calling 860-459-0986.



Case Studies and Success Stories

The best way to understand the importance of equine dentistry is through real-life examples. At Tri-State Veterinary Services, we could recount numerous stories of horses that have experienced dramatic improvement in their well-being post a dental float. Horses that were once hesitant to take the bit, or were losing weight without apparent cause, found relief from their symptoms after receiving proper dental care.



Maintaining Equine Dental Health

While regular professional dental assessments are crucial, there are several things horse owners can do at home to support healthy teeth.


Tips for Proper Oral Hygiene and Care

  • Regular checks: Perform periodic checks of your horse’s teeth for any abnormalities.
  • Supportive diet: Feed a diet that provides enough chewing resistance to support natural tooth wear.
  • Proper use of bits: Ensure that bits are appropriately sized and fitted to avoid dental damage.


Signs of Dental Problems to Watch For

Be vigilant for indications such as weight loss, dropping feed, head tilting, excess salivation, or foul breath, which could signal dental issues.


As a responsible equine owner, pay attention to your horse’s dental health. Regular dental assessment and appropriate care are essential for your horse’s well-being. The deal on dental floats is a chance to act on this crucial aspect of equine health without financial pressure. Remember, a healthy set of teeth is an essential part of your horse’s overall health. Take advantage of this offer now, and provide your horse with the best dental care available at Tri-State Veterinary Services.