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Equine   Massage

We offer Equine Massage, TMJ Dental Massage after Dental Float, and Canine Massage

Equine Massage Therapy


Equine massage provides numerous benefits to your horse, helping improve their performance and recovery. By increasing circulation and venous return, massage helps remove toxins and lactic acidosis, releasing muscle tension, reducing swelling, and easing pain. Help your horse heal faster and prevent injury by stabilizing their joints and improving range of motion through regular therapeutic massage.


All equine massages come with a full evaluation during the first visit including gait analysis and a thorough conversation around your goals for therapy. Clients will receive a detailed report after each massage therapy session.


What is Red Light Therapy? 

By penetrating tissue, muscles, tendon, and even bone, this equine therapy delivers an energy boost to cells, increasing blood circulation and promoting healing.

All equine massages come with a full evaluation for the first visit from gait analysis to discussing any problems you may be having with your horse. Each client will receive a detailed form of massage findings and discussions each visit.

red light therapy
Red Light Therapy

What is the Amassage Method?

We thoroughly investigate the cause of your horse’s pain by examining biomechanics, basic hoof alignment, performing gait analysis, and checking basic saddle fit. We can diagnose and relieve dental pain including TMJ conditions in your horse.


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