Thanks to advancements in equine veterinary medicine, it’s increasingly recognized that attention to the smallest details can significantly enhance not only a horse’s performance but also their overall well-being. This perspective underscores the importance of comprehensive care at every stage of a horse’s life, emphasizing that preventive measures are crucial for maintaining optimal health.

Tri-State Veterinary Services advocates for a proactive approach to equestrian care, where regular assessments and tailored interventions play a vital role in ensuring the highest standards of health and performance.

Introducing equine bodywork therapy — a service we’re now offering at Tri-State which incorporates the BEMER Set, Craniosacral therapy, and follow up bodywork therapy.

A New Era in Equine Health

Research proves that equine bodywork can enhance flexibility, reduce the risk of injuries, and accelerate healing. At Tri-State Veterinary Services, bodywork is not an incidental service but an integral part of our equine care philosophy, seamlessly blended with our comprehensive veterinary treatments.

Advocates of Holistic Health and Performance

Through equine bodywork, we have witnessed firsthand the healing that occurs when touch becomes a conduit for holistic healing.

Your horse may be a candidate for equine bodywork if they are experiencing the following:

  • lameness
  • decreased performance
  • stiffness and discomfort
  • head tossing
  • behavioral changes such as lethargy, aversion to touch or depression

Services Offered at Tri-State Veterinary Services

BEMER Set Therapy

The BEMER Set is designed to improve microcirculation, the process by which oxygen and nutrients are delivered to cells while waste materials are removed. This therapy has been shown to enhance healing, reduce inflammation, and aid in pain reduction.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a holistic healing practice that employs gentle, light hand pressure to enhance body movement and facilitate optimal functioning. This method activates stress relief mechanisms, promoting the physical release of accumulated body tension. It can effectively alleviate muscle tension, creating a soothing effect that contributes to overall well-being. Through this therapeutic approach, horses can experience a significant improvement in their physical and mental well-being, as it targets both the symptoms and the root causes of discomfort.

Follow Up Therapy

After BEMER Set therapy and Craniosacral therapy, we highly recommend follow-up bodywork sessions to keep your horse performing at their best. These sessions include:

  • Palpation: After the Initial Body Work Evaluation, Ryan will conduct another physical palpation to see if new tensions have emerged since the last visit or if previous tensions have improved.
  • Craniosacral Session: In this Craniosacral Session, Ryan will concentrate on areas of the equid that showed significant tension and discomfort from the last visit, including any new issues.
  • BEMER Session- Ryan concludes each treatment with a BEMER session to boost blood flow, enhance healing, and relax your horse.

The Path to Performance

Whether you have a horse whose joy is in the trail or a performance horse, bodywork paves the way for a richer, more vibrant equine experience.

Tri-State Veterinary Services is here to help in offering insights on when bodywork should be integrated into your horse’s routine, how to recognize the signs that your horse may be in need, and the most effective way to maintain this invaluable service throughout the life of your equine partner.

By opening the door to equine bodywork, you are opening your horse to a world of possibilities. Tri-State Veterinary Services invites you to take this step—transform touch from a casual gesture to a powerful tool in equine care. Schedule your horse’s appointment by calling us at 860-459-0986 or on our website.